7 v 7 Summer League

7 v 7 Summer league for High School and Middle school

Extreme FH  7 v 7 Summer League

*Please arrive 15-20 mins. prior to your game time

*If numerous players on your team will not be able to attend a game and you will not have enough to field a team, please let us know so we can plan ahead and ask others to play in your place.  Thank you!

**Week #2  June 27th**


5 PM  

Norwood White v Foxboro

Norwood Blue v Mansfield

All Middle school players

6 PM: 

Extreme  v Stoughton Black

Canton v Stoughton Orange

Attleboro White v Dedham

7 PM:

Braintree v Taunton

Bellingham v Attleboro Blue

Week #3 July 11th

5 PM

Norwood Blue v Extreme

Stoughton Orange v Foxboro

All Middle School

6 PM

Norwood White v Mansfield

Taunton v Dedham

Canton v Stoughton Black

7 PM

Bellingham v Attleboro White

Braintree v Attleboro Blue

Week #4 July 18th

5 PM 

Mansfield v Dedham

Norwood W v Bellingham

All Middle School

6 PM

Norwood Blue v Attleboro White

Taunton v Stoughton Orange

Stoughton Black v Extreme

7 PM

Attleboro Blue v Foxboro

Braintree v Canton

Week #5 July 25th

5 PM

Norwood W v Braintree

Norwood Blue v Dedham

All Middle School

6 PM

Attleboro W v Mansfield

Attleboro Blue v Canton

Taunton v Foxboro

7 PM

Bellingham v Stoughton Black

Stoughton v Extreme

LAST Week #6

August 1st

5 PM

Norwood White v Dedham

Mansfield v Bellingham

All Middle School

6 PM

Norwood Blue v Extreme 

Taunton v Attleboro White

Canton v Foxboro

7 PM

Braintree v Stoughton Black

Stoughton Orange v Attleboro Blue

**Extreme FH Team players:  players not playing with their HS team.

Olivia W.
Kayla O.
Caitlin C.
Victoria D.
Makenzie M.
Lucy S.
Molly M.
Rita C.
Kayla D. 
Joelle C.
Sophi M.

Finuale B. 

*Middle School players:

Kelsey D.
Linda C.
Carolyn S.
Margaret M.
Sara B.
Tessa L.
Julia D.
Isabel F.
Ava N.
Vanessa C.
Regan M.

Katie C.

Kerin B.

If you have any questions please let us know at extremefh@hotmail.com or text: 617-281-3558  

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Extreme Field Hockey 7 v 7 Summer League 

Thursday evenings 1 hr. between 5 PM and 8 PM

1 50 minute game each Thursday

June 20- Aug. 1st

at Canton High Turf field

900 Washington Street Canton

7 v 7  Officiated Field Hockey games on turf.  50 minute game 

with 5 min. 1/2 time.  

$85 per player

  • Please arrive 20 minutes before your game in order to get organized and ready to play as games will begin right on time!

  • Shinguards and mouthguard are mandatory.  Goggles are recommended but not mandatory.  Please bring your own water bottle.  

  • Team listed will wear light colored shirt/pinney and second team listed will wear dark.  Pinneys are available to borrow for teams who do not have like colored shirts. 

  •  Also remember mouthguard, shinguards, water bottle and goggles (recommended but not mandatory).